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  1. Nat says

    This is a great and inspirational post! I am so happy for you! I have been taking courses and reading on blogging like crazy too, but I have nothing close to what you have done. Great job! One question, do you ever get to sleep? 🙂

    • Aroma Mama says

      Thank you, Nat! That’s so funny you ask because I get so excited to work on my blog that I usually wake up much earlier and go to bed much later than I plan to! It’s great to love to go to work!

  2. Eden Fried says

    Go Stephanie! Love this thorough report. You are awesome and I’m excited to watch your blog thrive. Thanks for the shoutout, you’re too sweet! <3

    • Aroma Mama says

      Thanks, Eden! That means so much from you! I read one of your posts in one of my Facebook groups and got your lead magnet. It was so packed with valuable information that I have been your fan since and look to you for inspiration!

  3. Jill @ Kentucky Makeup Junkie says

    Stephanie, What a great post! You are doing so well in success with your blog already congrats! Thank you for featuring my Facebook group Bloggers Unite On Pinterest! Did you know that I have one set up for Instagram now, too? Facebook and Twitter are coming soon also! Can’t wait to see your success for the next month 🙂

  4. Nataly says

    Incredible progress and accomplishments this month Stephanie!

    The ConvertKit conference sounds fabulous. I just recently joined their email marketing campaign and I am very pleased with their services as well.

    Looking forwards to your next month’s report.
    Keep up the fabtastic work.

    Nataly 😊

    • Aroma Mama says

      Thanks, Nataly! The more contact I have with ConvertKit, the more impressed I become with their top notch customer service. I will share my experience of the ConvertKit Conference when I get back. I enjoy writing my income reports and I’m so glad you enjoy reading them! Have a great day! ~Stephanie

  5. Lisa says

    If I understand correctly, people are clicking on your links in various Facebook groups? Are those direct links, like affiliate links, or are you linking to your blog which has the affiliate links?

    • Aroma Mama says

      Hi, Lisa! Thank you for visiting my blog! I try to be active in Facebook groups for bloggers because we learn so much from each other and support each other’s blogs. I love reading their articles to learn new things and learn other writing styles. Also, I try to help people wherever I can. Sometimes people will ask about a program so I share my experience and provide my affiliate link while letting them know it is an affiliate link. Not all Facebook groups allow affiliate links to be posted so you need to know the rules for the group you’re in. Otherwise, I’ll ask the person if I can send them the link via Facebook Messenger. I have made affiliate sales from visitors coming to my blog, but that is few and far between for my new blog. Have a great day! ~Stephanie

  6. Meital James says

    Thanks for your great tips! Not everyone is willing to share the tools that help them online, so this is much appreciated. Especially liked your tips for the Facebook and Pinterest groups. Keep up the great work!

    • Aroma Mama says

      Hi, Meital, thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comment! In my short time of blogging, I have had many people contact me for advice or help. Writing out the tools and resources I use is my way of answering a lot of those questions all at once. I think there is room in this world for everyone to make an income from blogging. Ultimately, blogging success isn’t all about the tools or know how, it really comes down to the discipline of continually creating great content, staying consistent, and not giving up when it gets tough. 🙂

  7. Kayla says

    This is very inspirational! 🙂 and very helpful too! I want to be an affiliate of Ultimate Bundles because they are one of my favorite products (I buy several bundles every single year), but I have such a small audience that I think it would be pointless right now. Any suggestions on when I should apply?

    • Aroma Mama says

      Hi, Kayla! Ultimate Bundles is a great affiliate to start with even with a small audience. The training they give their affiliates is the best from any affiliate I’ve worked with! Their products provide so much value to people too. I think you should apply right away and start getting used to the sales process with their training. You can use the same techniques with other affiliates you promote too.

  8. Stephanie says

    Hi Stephanie! I really enjoyed reading your posts, and came here specifically to see your review on EBA. I’m at the very beginning stages with blogging…i.e. don’t have one:) But have been doing a ton of research, and am planning on taking Building a Framework course to start. Again, thanks so much for being generous and honest with your info. Hope to see you in blog land soon!:)


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