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    • Aroma Mama says

      Thank you, Leah, for visiting my blog! I love CoSchedule and enjoy all of their products and courses! I have gotten so much value from CoSchedule that I call it the backbone to my blog!

  1. Lex says

    What a great income report, Stephanie! I am a huge fan of Tailwind, you will love it! All the courses you’ve taken sound really cool. I got Building a Framework years ago when it was just an e-book with no course yet…I bet it is even better now! It is so encouraging to see your stats climbing up, organically. I’m subscribing!

    • Aroma Mama says

      Thank you, Lex, and welcome to the Aroma Mama Community! And yes, the updated version of Building a Framework improved a lot from what I hear.

    • Aroma Mama says

      Hi, Cory, thanks for your comment! My Pinterest traffic has averaged 20% since I launched my blog. Most of my traffic still comes from Facebook since I am most engaged there and thankfully my organic searches are increasing! Congratulations on the launch of your blog! 1000 pageviews for a new blog in the middle of Summer is a great number!

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